Tutorial-style e-commerce platform.

Empresa is an e-commerce platform which has been designed to guide you through the intricate process of building an optimized website.

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Why choose our e-commerce platform

Most e-commerce solution providers offer you design templates which allow you to build a website in just under an hour. These vendor tools generate nice looking website but are not geared to helping you build quality content which is essential in generating search engine and referral traffic. Although great design plays an important role in defining your brand, it has very little impact on getting your clients discovering your website and purchasing your products.

What sets us apart

Empresa is an e-commerce platform which has been designed to guide you through the intricate process of building an optimized website. Using a tutorial style approach, our tool helps you defined, step-by-step, each component of your website. The Empresa website wizard provides detailed instructions on what information should be included, optimized content examples and provides analytics to make sure that your content is well structured and uses keywords and meta tags efficiently.

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@AlexD, London

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Independent, personalized and scalable

Once completed, your online web store is available via your chosen domain name. As opposed to many vendors who offer community style hosting, Empresa applications are hosted on their own private servers of which you own and control. Colour schemes, images and captions are all pre-wired for quick setup but may be personalized for optimal results.

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@ElizaWood, New Hampshire

(Screenshot: Responsive Website Template)

Daily improvement dashboard

Once your website is in place, the work has just begun. Providing new timely content, features and offers is key to keeping visitors coming. The Empresa e-commerce platform improvements dashboard is meant to offer you recommendations on which tasks would be beneficial to undertake in order to refresh your site content and improve its ranking in search engines. The improvement dashboard not only provides suggestions on website improvements but also guides you through basic social media best practices.

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@Audrie, New York

(Screenshot: Responsive Website Template)

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